Imagine a world of small robots. Hundreds of them. Moving things around in a really smart way. Here at CommonSense Robotics, we're developing robots that work together to get you your online orders within 1 hour.  

In a broader sense, we're building on-demand supply chains that enable sustainable, one-hour delivery to online customers. Our Micro-Fulfillment-Center, where our robots live, is an urban, automated fulfillment solution that combines the benefits of local distribution with the economics of automated fulfillment, and is re-defining the way goods are fulfilled and delivered within cities. By utilizing a novel approach to this last-mile challenge and state-of- the-art robotics and AI, we enable true on-demand services, dramatically reduced operational costs superior operational scalability.We've already demonstrated our disruptive technology, but there's still a lot ahead of us. As we're now quickly expanding towards our first installations, we invite you to join us on this amazing journey. 



We’re looking for an excellent Electrical System Engineer with experience in multidisciplinary systems, who has an ability to lead and enrapture a group of developers in the area of electronics, control, board design, vision and embedded computing.  This senior engineer will be responsible for the design and execution of all HW aspects of our robotic platforms. The successful candidate will be responsible for gathering and understanding requirements from inner teams and outer vendors, as well as defining interfaces between HW/SW/Mechanics and the guarantee of platform performance..



  • BSc/MSc in electrical/computer engineering from a well known university
  • 6+ years of experience in development of multidisciplinary products
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment
  • Leadership and project management skills
  • Strong DSP and control background
  • A master working and simulating with Matlab
  • Board system understanding and board design experience
  • Hands on and experience working with real-time platforms
  • Proof of debugging skills and the ability to solve difficult problems
  • A team player with ability to manage a variety of cross-functional team members


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